Yoga with Loreta Yoga Teacher for Canary Wharf, Isle of Dogs and Docklands

Open Classes . KlaseCobra

5.00-5.45pm Vinyasa Flow at the the Light Centre Monument, all levels, drop-in price £13

7.45-8.45pm Yin Yoga at the Light Centre Monument, all levels, drop-in price £13
For bookings please go to website

10.00-11.15am Hatha Flow at St John's Community Centre Crossharbour, all levels, beginners friendly. The class is based on traditional Hatha yoga and covers both Yang (dynamic, active) and Yin (passive, receptive, still) energies for balance, harmony and general wellbeing. £10
Some mats are available.

All classes are drop-in. No need to pre-book. If you prefer paying online, please go to Contact page

Class Packages for Saturday classes
6 classes - £55 to be used in 2 months
10 classes - £85 to be used in 3 months Email me if you have any questions.

Description of the Classes

Hatha Flow. The classes are based on the classical Hatha Yoga postures being linked together by the breath. You will get the benefits of strength, stamina, flexibility and relaxation and have an opportunity to learn breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques. All ages and experience welcome.

Vinyasa Flow. Similar to Hatha Flow but more dynamic. Starts with a standing sequence, moving in and out of the posture with the breath, following by some mat work and finishes up with the guided relaxation. The same benefits as Hatha Flow but feels more like workout. All ages and experience welcome.

Yin Yoga. Mostly seated and lying poses are being held for 2-7 minutes allowing to open your body through passive stretching. This slow meditative practise gently stretches the deeper muscles, joints and fascia and helps to quiet the mind. At the deeper level Yin Yoga nourishes and gently stimulates meridians - energy channels in the body ( nadis in Indian system). They are related to particular organs and emotional states. This style is especially suitable for people who want a relaxing, healing class and who want to work more on flexibility.

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