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I teach live online streamed classes so you can practice from the comfort and safety of your own home. Recordings of the classes are also available as an extra or separately if these times do not suit you.
All classes are London time.
Scroll down for more details including payment options and using Zoom.

6.00-7.00 pm Yin Yoga and Meditation live stream through zoom
Click here to book or for any questions

7.00-8.00 pm Hatha Flow live stream through zoom
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6.30-7.30 pm Gentle Flow followed by Yoga Nidra live stream through zoom
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10.00-11.00am Mindful Vinyasa live stream through zoom
(also at Dockland Settlements (Calders Wharf) E14 3PS from 5th June) Click here to book or for any questions

10.00-11.00am Yoga at the Island Gardens, Isle of Dogs, London E14 3EA
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The cost is £10 drop in, £7 concession (who recently has been having financial difficulties)
No concession in the studio at the moment, sorry.
The same for a class record, which also you can get as an extra after attending it live online.
New participants - the 1st class is free online!
£46 monthly membership for unlimited online classes.
Please write your name and which class you do attend in your payment's reference.
Click here to pay by paypal
Go on Contact. Booking & Payment for my account details

Description of the Classes

Yoga and Meditation
This class is a slow flowing sequence of yoga poses focusing on breath and relaxation. A well rounded practice will help to restore shoulders and back area, strengthen and tone muscles, to open through the chest and hips, to calm the mind and uplift, to improve posture and concentration. Followed by guided meditation and final deep relaxation - Savasana.

Dynamic Yoga
A well rounded 40-45 min Vinyasa flow. Stretches and restores shoulders & back, strengthens and tones muscles, calms and uplifts mind, improves posture plus builds more energy and stamina.

Morning Yoga Mindful Flow
We start with warming up, followed by dynamic sequence (Vinyasa) & some mat work and finish with all-rounded stretches and a guided final relaxation Savasana. You will get benefits of strength, stamina and flexibility and have an opportunity to learn breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques. The class is based on traditional Hatha yoga and covers Yang (dynamic, active energy) and Yin (passive, receptive, still) for balance, harmony and general wellbeing.

Hatha Flow. The classes are based on the classical Hatha Yoga postures being linked together by the breath. You will get the benefits of strength, stamina, flexibility and relaxation and have an opportunity to learn breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques. All ages and experience welcome.

Vinyasa Flow. Similar to Hatha Flow but more dynamic. Starts with a standing sequence, moving in and out of the posture with the breath, following by some mat work and finishes up with the guided relaxation. The same benefits as Hatha Flow but feels more like workout. All ages and experience welcome.

Yin Yoga. Mostly seated and lying poses are being held for 3-10 minutes allowing to open your body through passive stretching. This slow meditative healing practise gently stretches the connective tissues while also toning, lengthening the muscles and quieting the mind. At the deeper level Yin Yoga nourishes and gently stimulates meridians - energy channels in the body ( nadis in Indian system). They are related to particular organs and emotional states. This style is especially suitable for people who want a relaxing, healing class and who want to work more on flexibility.

Restorative Yoga. It is total relaxation in lying poses using lots of props: blankets, cushions, bolsters, blocks.

Yoga Nidra is a state of conscious complete relaxation induced by a guided meditation, practiced in a lying position. It provides a relief for stress, depression and anxiety, it's a total physical rest, helps to get a better sleep.

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