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New: Restorative Yoga with Therapeutic Essential Oils

Are you feeling overwhelmed with busyness after holiday season? Perhaps you really need this luxury hour of passive total relaxation -
I offer individually adapted Restorative Yoga session. It releases muscle tension and energy blocks, calms emotions, regulates sleeping patterns, reduces the mental and physical effects of stress. When we are rested and relaxed we can stay productive and creative. During the session you can breathe diffused therapeutic essentials oils chosen according to your specific needs and your emotions. Moreover, Reiki energy can be applied if it is your option. It can be done at your home or at the Light Centre Monument. If you are interested, just click here to drop me an email.

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My holistic approach embrace teaching and practising yoga and holistic therapies. I had significant periods of training and gained 500hr IYN Teacher's Certification and Membership of the Federation of Holistic Therapists. I teach well rounded balanced flow of asanas (yoga postures) linked by the breath. They help to relieve stress, back pain and induce relaxation. The classes are based on traditional Hatha yoga and cover both Yang (dynamic, active) and Yin (passive, receptive, still) energies for balance, harmony and general wellbeing. Regular practise strengthens and tones muscles, builds stamina and flexibility, improves concentration, induces healthy eating, boosts imunity and energy levels.
Click here for more benefits of regular yoga practise or here to read more about my teaching style, credentials and experience.
I am a teacher for Canary Wharf, Isle of Dogs, Docklands area and Monument but also I travel to teach across London and in Europe.
My yoga philosophy is: "The success of yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships." TKV Desikachar
Click here for my public classes times, prices and locations or here if you are interested in private tuition or yoga classes at your office

OFFERS: NEW STUDENT ONLY SPECIAL OFFER - 3 classes for £25 (Saturday's classes, click on Open classes...)
Free of charge class when you bring a friend (Also Saturday's class)
£10 off a treatment price for my yoga students (Holistic Aroma Massage, Restorative Yoga or Reiki)
Christmas Gift vouchers and Class passes

Massage therapy is a great complement to yoga practice. Maybe you practiced too hard and overstretched or just wish to give yourself that luxury hour of passive total relaxation. I offer individually adapted Holistic Aroma Massage – a wonderful fusion of Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Stress Relief Massage and Reiki (optional). It releases muscle tension, improves skin quality, encourages body to detoxify, calms emotions, uplifts the mind, regulates sleeping patterns, reduces headaches, promotes self healing and enhances general wellbeing. Also you can choose Reiki as a separate treatment.
Contact me directly for more information and bookings.

"Whether it's yoga in the park during the summer months, or in the hall (also in the summer months sometimes if it rains!), I love Loreta's classes (and have been attending for around five years). Loreta is a sensitive and approachable teacher with a passion for yoga. I always feel physically and mentally recharged after a class - there's a great balance between active and meditative work. Highly recommended."Jackie Lee
"A warm and welcoming environment. Loreta is a fantastic teacher who considers every need/ ability." Rebecca Crawshaw

“Thank you so much for the wonderful treatment. I went in with quite a bit of pain and felt tired, however after a session with you, left feeling so much better and calm. The next day, my whole body felt good and has been better since then.”
Denise Kirtley

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